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Note in the picture – Pier connects into building right by current unit #10. Circle drive allowed wagons to drop seed at building, then turn and have horses get drink out of lake. His/hers outhouses next to the pier.


Foster Boat Works History

Our Building in 1905 – Picture Above Right Courtesy of the Charlevoix Historical Society

Ferry Seed Company built our building on this site in 1905. They had several other buildings on this land starting in 1892. The Pere Marquette Railroad tracks ran through our parking lot, and a siding came right down the west side of our building. A 200′ pier ran out into Lake Charlevoix. Seeds were accumulated from local farms, brought to this warehouse by horse drawn wagons, then bagged and shipped by rail or freight to Detroit.

The Ferry Seed Company operated this facility until 1927. The company is still in business today operating worldwide under the name Ferry Morse Corporation. Both Ferry Avenue and Ferry Beach are named after Dexter Mason Ferry, founder of the Ferry Seed Company.

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